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ARTEMPO is an influential contemporary fine art gallery situated within London and Los Angeles, with a focus on creating extraordinary truly unique and limited collectible artworks reflected through the dialogues of time transitioning into form. Our approach to storytelling is realized through our artists and their innovations with the finest avant garde materials and pioneering processes, designed to provoke inspiration and debate. 



ARTEMPO is led by our founder Grant Palmer, who has been working closely forming deep rooted connections with highly skilled and talented artists, artisans, designers, makers and private collectors. He has had the honor and privilege to create spaces and pieces of functional art for the most esteemed and respected art collectors and investors in the arts.  



How we work

Our team of gallery curators, artists, project managers, and expert liaisons are invested in the ideas and stories within the transition of time through materials from their origins and birth place. 

This journey of material evolution to becoming objects we feel has deeply valued meanings. We capture the essence of time within our work, celebrating extraordinary narratives which echo the natural world. 


ARTEMPO in the spirit of this seeks to showcase only the finest and emerging artists whom share the values and spirit of ARTEMPO, following the pursuit of perfection, exploration of materials and the creation of excellence.


ARTEMPO curates seminal exhibitions reflecting this ethos of time becoming art and the nature of exceptional carefully crafted artworks.  Our drive is to bring our respected artists to the attention of the world most respected and significant private and public collections of the exceptional and exquisite.



ARTEMPO is committed to providing a sustainable future in collaboration with our artists and collectors. Together we work to grow conservation funding and establish environmentally conscious practices.


ARTEMPO contributes a proportion of our proceeds to support environmental causes, community projects and non-profit organizations that we believe in around the globe.